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In the end I went with, A Dangerous Temptation. This anger is tempting and dangerous, both tempting and dangerous for those caught in it, and just plain dangerous for those who are the target. I remember it from childhood. I still carry within me vestiges - I am much more tolerant of Jewish anti-German sentiments than of any German or Austrian prejudices. I have my own antennae out when I meet Germans and Austrians.

Weird, the legacies we carry from childhood.

On the plus side, I may be extra ready to notice counter-prejudice because deep inside me I know how much it can hurt. So when the Western media in general made it seem that Muslims were justified to rage against a Danish cartoon when Muslims were not outraged by Muslim murders in the name of their religion (new car bombs in Baghdad almost daily, it seems - thirty dead here, fifty dead there), everything in me said, this makes no sense, this is wrong, totally wrong.

In no way was I tempted to go along. The spell of the raging righteous had no hold on me.

Maybe soon ever fewer people will go along.



"It is a fact readily acknowledged, that for humans, an idea is much more powerful than a fact." I don't know who said that - but I remember how those words struck me when I read them. One idea: just as ideas can close our minds, they can open them to new worlds and visions. Ideas pull things togheter or keep them apart. They help us organize experiences, help us make sense of things - or block us from making sense of things. So I hope you got something from what I've written. Comments and further thoughts welcome.


Something else I look at, quite different but linked, is STUPID OPINONS, meaning opinions that don't make sense, like the opinon that all opinions are equal, or that we are all exactly where we are meant to be:

Poor thinking - it can make me gnash my teeth.


Elsa Schieder, Ph.D., prof, writer, visual artist, thinker, performer. One of the most important things, I hold, is being able to live and think well and creatively, imaginatively. All too often, I have found that people (including many people who pride themselves on being open-minded) are not able to think outside their "box of ideas" and hold onto rigid ideas as if their lives depended on it. Good thinking, good creativity draws on as much info as possible, is open to perceiving.


http://elsas-word-story-image-idea-music-emporium.com All my life, creativity has played an enormous part. The magic of story, music, idea. In Elsa's word story image idea music emporium, there's space for many forms of creativity - yours and mine.

One area is on ideas:


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