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Venezuela may not see baseball the way Americans do but there is something in that game that seems all too well suited for Mr. Chavez, namely “three strikes and your out.” What were those three strikes? Let’s examine each briefly.

The first strike against Mr. Chavez came as a result of his complete and utter abandonment of gentility, propriety, respect and protocol. To blast the leaders of a host country unashamedly while enjoying every courtesy and advantage available to him as a visiting statesman is pure unbridled indecency. That President Bush did not respond in kind or at all only gave greater honor to the presidency and Mr. Bush. The rest of us would have liked to give Mr. Chavez the bums rush, with the exception of Danny Glover. Perhaps for Glover and Chavez that liaison might be their version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

The second strike came when Chavez decided to take to the neighborhood church and from a pulpit cover his lack of refinement with offers of help for America’s poor. Oh please.

Spreading around some cheap oil is only a cheap trick in disguise. Let’s not forget that spreading money and benevolence around the neighborhood is not a new idea in the quest for followers and adherents. Jim Jones paid peoples mortgages, rent and bills but in the end fed them poison cool aid. Hezbollah helps people all over Lebanon with the hope that this once proud and independent country will not bite the hand that feeds them even while the other hand is lobbing bombs at Lebanon’s neighbors. Al Capone and other mobsters were sure to give favors to the immigrants and neighborhoods in various cities at the same time they bred corruption and murder at will. Let’s throw in the drug cartels of Columbia who are well known for dumping multi millions of dollars around that nation to gain an army of silent but compatriot ally’s among the common people. Some have called it a political stunt but regardless of what its called…that’s strike two.

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