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Facts About Holocaust


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Facts About Holocaust

Wait For The Real Holocaust To Come!
By Luigi Frascati

The publication in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten some time ago of cartoons depicting and satirizing the Prophet Mohammed has resulted in a widespread, sometimes violent and always astonishing uproar in the Muslim world. Even worse, the foreign ministries of eleven Islamic countries have demanded action from the Danish government, and several Arab countries eventually closed their embassies in Denmark in protest after the government initially refused to intervene or to apologize.

Among the various acts of reprisal organized throughout the Islamic world, some are worth mentioning �?if not for their levels of excess:

[ ] A large consumers boycott was organised in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Middle East countries.

[ ] The Foreign Ministers of seventeen Islamic countries have renewed calls for the Danish government to punish those responsible for the cartoons, and to ensure that such cartoons will not be published again.

[ ] The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League have demanded that the United Nations impose international sanctions upon Denmark.

[ ] Several Arab countries have requested that the European Union introduce blasphemy laws.

[ ] The buildings containing the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria were set ablaze.

[ ] In Beirut, the Danish Embassy office was set on fire, resulting in the death of one protester inside.

Muslim leaders say, that the cartoons are not just offensive - they are sacrilegious and blasphemous. This is so, because Islam forbids any visual depiction of the Prophet Mohammed �?an absolute taboo in Islamic secular theology. Personally, I neither accept nor condone the virulence of those manifestations, especially since blasphemy is more than sanctioned by Arab governments. The Muslim media, in fact, routinely run cartoons depicting Jews and symbols of Judhaism with icons and images that closely �?too closely �?resemble those used in Nazi Germany. However, be as it may be, it is their faith and Muslims are entitled to express observance and abidance to their religion any which way they choose, in their own countries.

But only in their own countries!

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