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Grave of Casey Sheehan

About the Grave of Casey Sheehan
By DAn Bunch

About the grave of Casey Sheehan

(first written as an email in answer to veterans about how Cindy Sheehan buried and marked her son's grave)(the governement will give you a marker for a veterans grave. etc.)

(look at the grave. No marker! But she goes on vacations; and travels the world; meets with Jessie Jackson; etc.)

I am sorry guys, I have to disagree on this!

I will reserve (reads-not-a-going-to:) my judgement unto myself of this woman's actions. I do not agree with them at all!

However; having made note of that; why is it any business of mine/yours/the public; how; why; where; she buries her loved ones?

Something is amiss here.

What happened to the rights the man died for? I guess he would die for the right of his or any other mother to bury a son in peace?

One can only hope.

If she is escaping; traveling in style; going on vacation; or; (you didn't mention this and it is only an example of some persons' life) pulling drunk binges; what has that got to do with the fact that obviously there is no marker on her dead sons' grave?

I don't see any connection!

Have you ever thought about what you are doing in this act? You are discriminating against her rights to bury, mark or not mark, her loved ones' grave! How cruel!

Anyone of course has the right to criticize or belittle what she is trying to do, as long as it is in public. She is fair game for, lets put it this way; "a shot across her bow". But to act in this way, "shooting her full of holes" is only a political stunt. And not a good one at that!

Politics is dirty. But I don't have to be a party in anything this sordid. Not the messing in a dead military veteran's mothers' action, as it concerns the burial of loved ones. That is going more than a bit too far!

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