Facts About Holocaust


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I know I am biased. I am. I don't think that is wrong. I think that is not only patriotic, but dutiful. I think I don't like the way the government is acting to severely curb our rights. I think it is going too far. In "keeping us safe"! this is not a correct move now. The "move" has become something else entirely!

I should know. For I am a Melungeon. A people once denied rights to the point of not being able to vote, hold political office, nor marry with or testify against, a "white" person! It was so bad thousands were castrated in an effort to rid the earth of the (as I call them) "Mud-People! Hitlers henchmen loved this idea! And attended a conference in New York, where a lot of realy big, important, and wealthy people in this country also attended, in order to give thought and applause to this outrage! You know them today! As leading citizens from leading families in political life!

So my people fled the mountains of TN and other places. To immigrate to Texas; Oklahoma; Missouri; and Arkansas. And on the way, they took a vow. Having fought always on the governments side, even when that was only the British government in power, these Civil War Union Veterans decided not to ever tell anything that was done to them! In other words; they forgave! They didn't keep it from their children as they had wanted to, to distance the stigma (that we now wear with pride, along with the name "Melungeon", a one-time word for the "boogy-man!) Not with today's Internet.

But soon that will be gone, replaced by a U.N. controlled "Outer-net", where both you and I cannot take different sides on any issue, without doing time in prison! It almost that way now! If you think not, tell me why military reverends are not allowed to say the word "Jesus Christ" during any service outside and inside the united states? Why is the Canadian mis-conception of a persons right to say and think any way he pleases, without going to prison! You say anything about the holocaust, denying it, or saying it might have been "this way", and you will do time in prison. Speak anything other than French, in places, will earn you a fine, or jail time or both. This crud is coming to America right now! This is what you should be talking and concerning yourself with!

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