Facts About Holocaust


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Instead, you are fooled into a "democratic vs. republican" exchange of barbs that has no real meaning or affect upon our lives! This too is planned!

I'm sorry also to tell some that believe we live in a "democracy" that we don't! We live in a Republic! And the difference is; In a Democracy, what is good for one is good for all! (much like burying your loved ones the way you want to!) (sorry, couldn't resist) In a Republic, the individual rights are paramount. The good of all is considered, but not to the point where all other persons rights are placed upon any individual.

Think about that. Don't think upon the pabulum the parties and government is feeding you! It is ruining your countries health!

Instead, think about the many rights you once enjoyed in your youth, and the fact that your kids will not be able to enjoy them!


Dan Bunch

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