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Facts About Holocaust


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Hitler and Holocaust

Sunday Morning Beaming Down
By Luke Haines

It’s September 11th, as I write this. Or it will be for a few more hours, anyway.

To be more precise, it’s September 11th 2006, so it’s five years since the September 11th we all think of when we hear that date.

I refuse to call it 9/11, as I’m British and as such, 9/11 is the ninth of November, and as far as I recall, nothing happened on that day.

However, being the fifth anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, the newspapers today were understandably filled with memorial pieces, and one editorial in particular caught my eye. I’m not entirely sure how freely I’m allowed to name-check other publications on this website, so I won’t name the paper, but suffice to say it rhymes with “Splindependent.�?/P>

Anyway, a columnist in the Splindependent (which happens to be my favourite source of news after the TV channel that features the second letter of the alphabet twice and the third letter once, and isn’t the BCB or the CBB) wrote today about how all the �?/11 conspiracies�?are ridiculous.

I agree.

I’ll say it again, nothing happened on November 9th. (I’m sorry, but if we start using this Americanism for one date, pretty soon the rest will follow. This is how it starts!)

My paranoia about the way we phrase a date actually leads me neatly to what I do want to talk about though, and that is the business of paranoid conspiracy theories.

First and foremost, I do not believe that the September 11th conspiracy theories are at all ridiculous. There are a number of deeply troubling and worrisome questions which have been neatly ignored. One of the biggest, for me, is that most of the 19 named hijackers have since come forward and made themselves known to authorities, which is a pretty neat trick for anyone who should logically be comprised mostly of smithereens by now.

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