Facts About Holocaust


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How in the blue hell did Kris Kristofferson, or, more accurately, Ma Kristofferson, end up involved with the lizard people and give birth to their unholy spawn?! Spawn may be an unfortunate choice of words, given the topic, but still, it’s a question that seriously bears some looking at. I love Kris Kristofferson, but I’m willing to bet that I don’t know more than five people who could reliably tell you who he is.

For those who don’t know, he’s a sorely under-rated singer songwriter and a B-movie actor, probably best known as Whistler in the “Blade” movies. How exactly he fits into the global domination by lizards plot has never been made clear by ol’ Dave.

In possibly the worst idea in history, on a trip to Brazil in 2003, some local people gave Icke a mind altering plant to try. This was perhaps a skit in an aborted reality series called “Drug the Loony”, but I’m just speculating. Either way, this man is a long, long way down the list of people who should ever have his mind tamped with any more than nature has already done. Speaking of the experience he reportedly said, oh-so-coherently: "[It] is a plant – a rain forest plant – which they turn in to what they call a turn and Shaman in South America have been using it for centuries at least to take people into other realms of reality. ... I took it twice and it was an experience – particularly on the 2nd night – that completely transformed my view of life. What it did was take my intellectual understanding that the world is an illusion into the realms of knowing it’s an illusion and there’s a difference between intellectually understanding it’s an illusion and this level of knowing it because you’ve experienced it. I got to the age of 50 without taking a single magic mushroom and I never even had one smoke of pot or anything." I don’t wish to stereotype, but this is exactly what you get when you listen to what a professional footballer thinks about the world.

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