Facts About Holocaust


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Apparently, Mr Icke actually IS listened to, as well. He makes some money on the lecture circuit (apparently he does quite well with radical right-wing groups like Combat 18 and other such beacons of intelligence and reason) and was considered for inclusion in a recent series of Celebrity Big Brother.

As anyone who knows me can attest, I don’t watch Big Brother. I won’t. I’ve vowed to have horrible, graphic things done to soft parts of my body before I will watch it, but I have to say: If this guy was included, I’d be tempted.

The scariest part of all is that in a recent poll in BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine, he was apparently voted only the Third Most Eccentric Star, being beaten by Bjork and Chris Eubank.

(I checked, apparently his being “beaten by Chris Eubank” was just in the sense of where he placed in the poll, and not an engaging centrefold.)

Perhaps that’s overly harsh. I’m torn when it comes to people like this. On the one hand, they detract from genuine conspiracies. We still don’t know who shot Kennedy, or why Osama Bin Laden was mysteriously wearing a gold ring in the video where he admitted responsibility for the 9/11 attacks (gold rings are forbidden under Islamic law), but at least some of the reason why we may never find out is that there is a lot of background noise from the Giant Lizard corner of the room that drowns out the real questions.

At the same time, I think we need people like this for entertainment value. Realistically, nobody this stupid or blind could ever have a serious impact on the way the world is run anyway. Unless their name is George.

[Note: on 9th of November, Ambrose Burnside, best known for his facial hair, assumed command of the Army of the Potomac in 1862, the Great Fire of Boston began in 1872, Jack the Ripper killed Mary Jane Kelly, his last confirmed victim, in 1888, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany Abdicated in 1918 having lost a rather well publicised war of the time, Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921, the “Beer Hall Putsch” is thwarted in Germany in 1923 and, ironically, Kristallnacht occurred exactly 15 years later, and in 1961 Neil Armstrong set a new airspeed record in a rocket plane. 6,587km/h, for those taking notes.]

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