Facts About Holocaust


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Laws that had a real effects on any Jew at that time that dealt with their daily lives had was a massive discrimination on them. For example in late 1933 Jews were banned from all sports and athletic clubs, and in late 1935 Jews: were no longer allowed to marry Aryan, nor to have sexual relations with them; who had married Aryans no longer had a valid marriage; were banned from parks, restaurants and swimming pools; and finally it was passed that Jewish leaders were stopped from preaching or speaking publicly. Afar from this sort of discrimination, there is also the fact that Jews were banned from having electrical and optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters, or records and were ordered to hand them over to the authorities. This discrimination meant that many Jewish families went without the opportunities and comforts that Aryans lived with, thus separating them even further, while discrimination becomes easier.

All of these things lead to the ease of what happened after 1939 where Jews were put into Ghetto's, where the Vansee conference took place and where Jews were transported to death camps. The Nazi's had successfully created a place, in Germany, where people supported the ideas of Nazism and didn't object to law passed against them, discriminating or de-humanising them even further.

Jews were discriminated through making them unwelcome, to having laws passed against them, and later, to death, where they were seen as different people who should be treated differently and deserved what they got. Jews were restricted in everything they did, and because of this they became easy to discriminate against.

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