Facts About Holocaust


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The Wannsee Conference in 1942 meant that the European Jews would receive their worst treatment post-1933. This meeting involved the mapping out of a coherent and efficient programme for the extermination of the 11 million European Jews. By spring 1942, the programme was officially put into practice. Adolf Eichmann controlled this and the co-operation of many civilian services e.g. the booking of trains for the transportation of the Jews and the use of I.G. Farben for the production of Zyklon B. Despite the horrific treatment the Jews were to receive, the Nazis attempted to keep the camps secret from the public and Jews, claiming that they were being “resettled” to ensure compliance.

At these extermination camps the mass extermination of the Jews and inhumane treatment of them would occur. The gas chambers were disguised as showers surrounded by well-attended gardens. The most renowned was Auschwitz, which averaged the extermination of 6,000 Jews per day. By the end of the war, camps such as Auschwitz (e.g. Chelmno, Treblinka and Belzec) contributed to the deaths of millions of European Jews coming from countries as far as Greece. Himmler described the Holocaust as a “glorious page in history, which has never been written and never can be”, emphasising that in his eyes this was a great thing that the Nazis were doing, but saying that it could never been written exemplifies the fact that this was horrifying and atrocious treatment of a the Jewish population. From 1933 – 45, the Jews experienced a crescendo of increasing maltreatment from the Nazi regime resulting in the deaths of 6 million, a page in history that has to be told and understood in order to prevent another catastrophe like this occurring again.

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