Facts About Holocaust


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§ The color stigma impacts dark women especially hard. According to the authors of “The Color Complex,” “[a] dark-skinned black man can use his intelligence to compensate for his ‘unfortunate coloring,’ and if he is financially secure, he may marry a light-skinned woman, thereby improving his own social position and that of his children. [At the same time] a dark-skinned black woman who feels herself unattractive… may think that she has nothing to offer society no matter how intelligent or inventive she is.”[12] Accordingly sales of skin-bleaching products such as Nadinola, Ambi Fade Creme, Esoterica, etc. exceed $50 million per year and some black women even opt for costly plastic surgery to lighten their complexions.

§ Hair is another issue for black women. Many continue to “straighten” their hair, utilize products to enhance hair growth, and use weaves and wigs to “improve” their looks per to mimic the white “straight hair” standard. Sadly, per psychiatrists William Grier and Price Cobbs, “every American black girl experiences some degree of shame about her appearance”[13]

§ Worst of all, the misconception still exists that “dark-skinned blacks, especially men, are [the most] criminally dangerous.”[14] Statistics clearly portray the disproportionate number of black inmates held in U.S. prisons without dwelling on the implicit factors that may contribute (e.g. blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites for like-kind infractions due to illegal profiling, misconceptions, lack of connections to ranking individuals, and low net worth (e.g. they have to settle for lower quality legal representation, a vehicle may not be inspected as required by law, etc. due to a lack of funds).

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